Negotiating Instruments: The Guiding Force During Energy Projects

In every deal, the legal instruments are the project guides. Carefully constructed contracts that clearly dictate each party's rights and responsibilities are the best way to avoid disputes, limit potential areas of liability and ensure projects stay on track.

Located in Sweetwater, Texas, the lawyers of Wetsel, Carmichael & Allen, L.L.P., review, negotiate and draft energy agreements for landowners, and wind, solar, and oil and gas companies throughout the southwestern U.S.

Energy Contract Negotiation

Wind and solar energy, and oil and gas projects involve numerous parties and many moving pieces. As such, each project requires the negotiation, drafting and review of numerous contractual instruments, including:


  • Oil and gas leases
  • Farmout agreements
  • Joint operating agreements
  • Surface use agreements

Documents regarding access to the project:

  • Easements
  • Rights of way
  • Pipeline agreements
  • Drilling agreements

Documents regarding land use:

  • Obtaining permits from local, state and federal regulatory agencies
  • Obtaining necessary variances
  • Handling other zoning issues

Disposal agreements dictating who will pay the costs of clearing the project and restoring the land at the end of the lease

Contracts concerning the operator's duty to develop

Accommodation agreements regarding concurrent use issues

When negotiating and drafting these documents, Wetsel, Carmichael & Allen, L.L.P., has three goals: First, to protect your property rights. Second, to maximize the financial opportunities presented by the project. Third, to limit your liability in the event of a dispute.

Protect Your Interests During Energy Projects

The attorneys of Wetsel, Carmichael & Allen, L.L.P., develop all contracts necessary for a wind, solar, and oil and gas project development. For assistance, call 800-787-0784, or contact the firm online.