Is Your Property Being Threatened By A Utility Or Other Right Of Way Provider?

Under the government's eminent domain power, private property can be condemned or taken for public use. This involves both taking entire tracts of land for public projects as well as small portions or granting rights of way to utility, oil and gas or renewable energy companies.

The lawyers of Wetsel, Carmichael & Allen, L.L.P., in Sweetwater, have more than 35 years of experience representing landowners involved in condemnation proceedings regarding oil and gas wells, pipelines and transmission lines. They are committed to protecting the property and financial interests of Texas property owners.

Securing Just Compensation

Any time a taking occurs — even if it is a small portion of land — the property owner is entitled to just compensation for his or her loss. Determining what constitutes just compensation can be difficult.

Under the law, the compensation is to be determined as if the property were sold in an arms-length transaction — the price a willing buyer would pay in an open market.

However, this price can be difficult to determine and is often inadequate. While wind turbines and transmission lines, oil pipelines and solar panels may only take a small portion of land, their placement may impact the usability — and value — of the entire parcel.

When handling these proceedings, Wetsel, Carmichael & Allen, L.L.P., takes a thorough approach. Its attorneys begin with a thorough analysis of the value of the property lost and any reduction in value the public use causes to the entire property. Nonmonetary factors, such as the location of the pipeline or transmission lines, are also considered.

The firm then begins negotiations with the oil and gas company, wind company or solar company. If an agreement cannot be reached, the firm will initiate formal condemnation proceedings.

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